Employee Pulse Program for Agile HR
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What's easier than reading your employees' minds?
Perked!'s Culture Intelligence PlatformTM helps you ask the right questions, learn what makes your employees tick, so you can act on growing a company that thrives in times of change
understand your culture
Grow your Culture with Purpose
Listen to Employee Feedback that Matters

Hassle-free for employees to anonymously share feedback with you. Easy for you to manage a continuous listening strategy.

Listen to Employee Feedback that Matters
Continuous Feedback Automated
Ask the right questions at the right time to improve insights and avoid survey fatigue. We'll automate your continuous listening strategy for you.

Measure drivers that matter to employee engagement and happiness by leveraging our research-backed questions library based on organizational and positive psychology.
Easy +
Pulses are quick and easy to do on any device. Employees can interact via multiple communication channels - email, Slack or SMS. No set-up, No downloads.
Spot Issues Early

Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement without crunching a single number. Understand if a problem is indicative of a systemic issue or an isolated problem.

Spot Issues Early
Start building the picture of engagement in your company immediately. See and respond to your employees' feedback as soon as they share it via your real-time dashboard.

Understand the results in the context of its impact on specific employee demographics, 'Events' happening at your organization, or trends over time.
Story behind the Numbers
Add color and nuance to your numbers with employee comments associated with key themes, sentiments and employee demographics.
Accelerate Action with All Hands on Deck

Culture is not created, changed or maintained by one person. Work together towards solutions targeted at specific teams or at the organization-wide level.

Accelerate Action with All Hands on Deck
Put targeted, real-time insights in the hands of those who can best drive change and take ownership.
Get curated "Top Actionables" delivered straight to your inbox. You're never too busy to be a subject matter expert in your organization's culture.
Employee Conversations
Respond directly to employee feedback through private one-on-one conversations – while retaining employee anonymity.
Foster Trust to Grow a High-Performance Culture

Trust comes from growing a genuine connection with people we work with. Let's put the "human" back into human resources.

Foster Trust to Grow a High-Performance Culture
Connecting with Fika
A virtual water-cooler where employees can learn more about each other no matter whether you work in the same office or in different time zones.
Dash of Openess
Boost openness and transparency by sharing results in "digestible doses" – bring your team into the conversation.
Give &
Make Pulses fun and meaningful by giving back something every time you ask them for feedback. How? Check out our demo.

Grow your People-First Culture from the Bottoms-Up

Start receiving valuable feedback today to make better people decisions.